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India Fees

POSTAL money order ONLY

Tourist Visas
US Citizens:
$120.00 - 1 Months (Single Entry)
$210.00 - 10 Years (Multiple Entry)

Non-US Citizens:
$120.00 - 6 Months (Multiple Entry)

Business Visas
US Citizens:
$180.00 - 1 Year (Multiple Entry)
$260.00 - 5/10 Years (Multiple Entry)
(Indian consulate does not issue 10 year business visas anymore)

UK Citizens:
$447.00 - 1 Year (Multiple Entry)
$818.00 - 5 Years (Multiple Entry)

Non-US Citizens:
$136.00 - 1 Year (Multiple Entry)
$216.00 - 5 Years (Multiple Entry)


  • US short term visa holders will be charged a reference fee of $20.00 in addition to the total fees. US Green card holders and those who have a US long term visa (3 years or more) will not be charged the reference fee.
  • Applicants with nationalities including Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Iran, China, Slovak Republic and Czech Republic will be required to pay the reference fee of $20.00 regardless of green card or US long term visa status.
  • In cases where prior reference is required, the processing time is usually is 4-6 working days.
  • Note that for citizens of Czech Republic and Slovak Republic, processing time is a minimum of 21 working days.


$155.00 - Regular Processing (25-35 Working days)
$170.00 - Express Processing (15-25 Working days)
$195.00 - Rush Processing (12-14 Working days)
$255.00 - Ultra Rush Processing (8-10 Working days)
$380.00 - Super Ultra Rush (5-7 Working days)

10-15 working days for NON US passports.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to extended delays in the processing of visas by the Indian Consulate in San Francisco, it is recommended not to purchase your ticket. 

Please Note: All India Visa applications MUST be accompanied by a completed and signed "Additional Particulars Form."

$15.00 - Purchasing money order (No fee for applicants asking for AMPVS rush/ultra rush service)

$40.00 - Completing the application online (For applicants who don't apply online)


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